Friday, August 6, 2010

Some Books I Like To Read

I like Enid Blyton books. Mostly The Wishing Chair. I like them because they have all sorts of exciting stories in them. Flying to different lands with names like The Disappearing Land, and once the children were invited to a party and they were given 3 eggs eacha nd they hatched and inside was a toy to play with.
The three children in the story are Molly, Peter and Chinkie the pixie.

My second favourite book is The Enchanted Wood and The Faraway tree, also by Enid Blyton.
I'm reading the Enchanted Wood right now and it is really exciting. They find out about the Faraway Tree in the woods. Climbing to the top branch, they can go through a cloud and up the ladder and visit a different land every day. Some of lands they visit are the Roundabout Land, the land of ice and snow. And while they climb the tree they meet three people. The first person is, Silky and the second person is Whatshisname, and the third person is Dame Washalot. They also meet MoonFace who has a Slippery Slip that goes right down to the bottom of the tree very fast. But if they want to go down it they have to pay him in toffee.